TMNT A-Team Misc
Fifty Shades of Green (WIP) The Dilemma (COMPLETE) House: Diagnosis Wilson (COMPLETE)
Turtles Forever: A New Beginning (WIP) All Tied Up (COMPLETE) Hannibal/Dexter CO: First Date, Last Date (COMPLETE)
Nightmares (COMPLETE) Elusive Thoughts (COMPLETE) Hannibal/Dexter CO:Freedom From Bitter Chains (COMPLETE)
Twenties Mutant Ninja Turtles (COMPLETE) Imagined Pleasures (COMPLETE) AHS Freakshow: The Story of Effel Samkins (COMPLETE)
T is for Teenage (COMPLETE) A Christmas Angel (COMPLETE) Musketeers: The Gay Musketeers! (COMPLETE)
Crossing Over (WIP) Circumstance (COMPLETE) Torchwood: Reunited(COMPLETE)

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